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Megalaspis cordyla
meristic characters
morphometric relationship
relative growth

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Sarmin‎, M. S., Rahman‎, M. A., Khatun‎, M. S., Sarker‎, B. K., Rahman, M. A., Sabbir, W., Asadujjaman, M., Samad, M. A., & Habib, K. A. (2022). MORPHOMETRIC RELATIONSHIPS AND MERISTIC ‎CHARACTERISTICS OF MEGALASPIS CORDYLA ‎(LINNAEUS, 1758) FROM THE BAY OF BENGAL‎. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 31(1), 01–12. Retrieved from


Megalaspis cordyla is one of the Carangid fish species commonly found in marine areas of the Sundarbans and the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh. This study described the morphometric relationships including length-weight and length-length relations (LWRs and LLRs) and meristic characteristics of M. cordyla. A total of 100 individuals were collected from commercial fishers’ catch in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh during January-December 2021. For each individual, a total of fourteen various lengths were measured by measuring board with 0.01 cm and body weight (BW) was taken by digital balance with 0.01 g accuracy. Fin-ray numbers from all fins as well as scutes were counted by a magnifying glass. Total length (TL) varied from 17.0-36.5 cm and the total body weight (BW) ranged from 75.0-416.6 g. All LWRs were significantly related (p < 0.001), with r2 values ≥ 0.910. Based on r2 value (0.979), LWR by BW vs. TL (W= a × Lb) was the best fitted model among 14 equations. Besides, the LLRs were also significant with r2 values ≥ 0.908. According to r2 value (0.995), LLR by TL vs. FL (TL = a + b× FL) was the best fitted model among 14 equations. The fin formula of M. cordyla is: first dorsal, D1 I+VII; second dorsal, D2 I/14-18+6-8 finlets; pectoral, P1 20-26; pelvic, P2 I/5; anal, A II+I/12-16 +5-7 finlets. This study provided knowledge on morphometric and meristic features that would be very useful for species identification and stock assessment of M. cordyla in the Bay of Bengal and other marine ecosystems.



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