Sarda orientalis
length-weight relationship
Karachi fish harbour

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Muzaffar, K., Yousuf, F., & Shaikh, I. (2022). LENGTH-WEIGHT RELATIONSHIP AND CONDITION FACTOR IN SARDA ORIENTALIS (TEMMINCK & SCHLEGEL, 1844) (FAMILY-SCOMBRIDAE) FISH FROM KARACHI FISH HARBOUR. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 31(1), 85–92. Retrieved from http://pakjmsuok.com/index.php/pjms/article/view/114


Sarda orientalis (Family-Scombridae) of assorted length (cm) and weight (gm) were obtained from Karachi fish harbor during January to December (2019) for measurement of length-weight relationship (LWR’s) and Fulton‘s condition factor (K). The range of length (57-60.8) and weight (2123-2641) were estimated. Total mean length (cm) (gm) (59.14±0.94) and weight (gm) (2336.32±114.21) were measured. LWR was estimated as W = 0.08166134 × L 2.5149 (log W = -1.088 + 2.5149log L). The highest mean of condition factor (K) (1.15±0.02) were measured in post-monsoon season. Assorted (ANOVA) analysis indicates that there is a significant correlation between weight, length, and season (p0.05).



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