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Mystus gulio
Population structure‎
Condition factor
Size at first sexual maturity
Natural mortality
Maloncho River

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Rahman‎, O., Hossain‎, M. Y., Islam‎, M. A., Rahman‎, M. A., Khatun‎, D., Parvin‎, M. F., Sarmin‎, M. S., Tanjin‎, S., Rahman‎, M. A., Mawa‎, Z., Hasan‎, M. R. ., Zannat, K., Sabbir, W., & Samad, M. A. (2020). LIFE-HISTORY TRAITS OF LONG WHISKER CATFISH ‎MYSTUS GULIO (SILURIFORMES: BAGRIDAE) IN THE ‎COASTAL WATER (MALONCHO RIVER) OF SOUTHERN ‎BANGLADESH. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 29(2), 99–114. Retrieved from


This analysis illustrates the life history traits of Long whisker, Mystus gulio (Hamilton, ‎‎1822) including sex ratio, length-weight (LWRs) and length-length relationships (LLRs), ‎condition factors (KA, KF, KR), relative weight (WR) and form factor (a3.0), empirical based ‎size at first sexual maturity length (Lm) and natural mortality (MW, year-1). Total of 407 ‎individuals were scarcely collected from January-December 2017 using different fishing ‎gears. The sex ratio (M/F) was calculated as 1:1.26 (p<0.05). The overall sex ratio did not ‎differ significantly from the expected 1:1(p>0.05). The minimum-maximum total length ‎and body weight were observed as 5.20-15.50 cm and 2.11-33.60g for male, 5.20-17.50 ‎cm and 1.25-57.12g for female. All LWRs were very significant with all coefficients of ‎determination (r2)>0.967. The allometric coefficient indicated negative allometric growth ‎in male (b<3.0), positive allometric growth in female and also in combined (b>3.0). All ‎LLRs were significant with r2 values >0.965. The KF indicated the best condition of this ‎species for their well-being. The WR was not significantly diverse from 100 for males (p = ‎‎0.552) and females (p = 0.249), which indicate suitable condition for habitat. The a3.0 ‎were 0.0103 and 0.0108, and the Lm were 9.13 and 10.46 cm in total length for male and ‎female, respectively. Moreover, MW was 1.16 year-1 for male and 1.02 year-1 for female. ‎The results will be operative for the sustainable conservation of M. gulio in Bangladeshi ‎coastal waters and also nearby countries.‎

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Copyright (c) 2020 Obaidur Rahman‎, Md. Yeamin Hossain‎, Md. Akhtarul Islam‎, Md. Ataur Rahman‎, Dalia Khatun‎, Most. Farida Parvin‎, Most. Shakila Sarmin‎, Sumaya Tanjin‎, Md. Ashekur Rahman‎, Zannatul Mawa‎, Md. Rabiul Hasan‎, Khatune Zannat, Wasim Sabbir, Md. Abdus Samad