Holothuria arenicola, length-weight relationship, condition factor Karachi coast, Pakistan.

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Siddique, S. ., Ayub, Z. A., & Siddiqui, G. S. (2014). LENGTH-WEIGHT RELATIONSHIP AND CONDITION FACTOR IN HOLOTHURIA ARENICOLA (HOLOTHUROIDEA: ECHINODERMATA) FOUND ON TWO ROCKY COASTS OF KARACHI, PAKISTAN : Saima Siddique, Zarrien Ayub and Ghazala Siddiqui . Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 23(2), 51–63. Retrieved from http://pakjmsuok.com/index.php/pjms/article/view/68


The length-weight relationship and condition factor is determined for Holothuria arenicola collected between April 2011 to November 2012 from rocky shores of Manora and Buleji. The maximum total length recorded for this species was 416.0 mm at Manora and 376.0 mm at Buleji. Sex-wise and season wise LWR and slope (b) values revealed the negative allometric growth (b not equal to 3, P < 0.001) at both sites. The length-weight relationship in H. arenicola during different seasons showed the b value to range between 1.850 to 2.384 at Manora and 2.124 to 2.401 at Buleji. Correlation coefficient were noticed highly significant for sex and season wise with a good correlation between length and weight. The condition factor (Kn) for H. arenicola ranged between1.04 to 1.96 at Manora and 0.87 to 1.8 at Buleji. Analysis of variance showed that there is statistically significant difference between the means of the Kn values in 19
months at Manora (ANOVA, F = 10.96; P < 0.05) and Buleji (ANOVA, F = 13.42; P < 0.05) and in various seasons at Manora (ANOVA, F = 86.529; P < 0.05) and Buleji (F = 56.285; P < 0.05).



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