Flavones, semi empirical calculations, molecular modeling

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Ahmed, T. ., Khan, Z. ., & Tanoli, M. A. K. . (2010). SEMI EMPIRICAL AM1 CALCULATIONS OF A FLAVONE: “5,6,7-TRIHYDROXY-4’-METHOXY FLAVONE”. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 19(2), 79–83. Retrieved from


Flavones are naturally occurring polyphenolic compounds known as nontoxic anti oxidants which mainly come from higher plants including seaweeds. These compounds possess a range of physiological properties and extensive literary information is available, but fewer theoretical insights of these compounds have been explored. In this paper, semi empirical Austin Model 1 (AM1) calculations has been reported for a flavone: “5,6,7-trihydroxy-4'-methoxy flavone” to predict the electronic structure and certain properties e.g. geometry optimization, total energy, dipole moments, and heat of formation etc. 


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