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steam boiler methods
agar extraction
Gracilaria corticata

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Pervaiz‎, F., Tabassum‎, A., Qaisar, S., Nadeem, S., Panhwar, A., & Rehman, A. (2017). OPEN VESSEL AND STEAM BOILER METHODS FOR ACID ‎BASED AGAR EXTRACTION BY GRACILARIA CORTICATA. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 26(1), 51–55. Retrieved from


Agar is a commercially important biopolymer by marine algae and used up in various industries like microbiological, food, medicine, cosmetics. Acid based pretreatment is explored in this study for open vessel and steam boiler methods in terms of agar production at wet conditions. For the selection of acids the very strong (H2SO4), strong (HCl) and weak acid (CH3COOH) were used and CH3COOH was selected. Furthermore, the strength of CH3COOH was optimized at 1%. The steam boiler treatment with 1h soaking in 1% CH3COOH produced 10g agar which was better than open vessel treatment.

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