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alkali based
agar extraction
Gracilaria corticata
Pakistan coast

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Qaisar, S., Tabassum, A., Pervaiz‎, F., Nadeem, S., & Panhwar, A. (2017). ALKALI BASED AGAR EXTRACTION BY GRACILARIA ‎CORTICATA FROM THE PAKISTANI COAST. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 26(1), 67–71. Retrieved from


Gracillaria corticata is abundantly found upon coast line of Pakistan during the months of July to September and it is naturally available rich source of polysaccharides which have commercial importance. In this study different alkalies were sorted out in a combination with physiochemical based agar extraction. The open vessel and steam boiler were studied in a comparison for suitability of NaOH, KOH and NH4OH, duration of heat treatment and NaOH concentration were also optimized. Maximum agar production, 12gm at wet condition was achieved through 1.5 hours heat treatment through steam boiler by the use of 5% NaOH.

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