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length-weight relationship‎
Liza subviridis
Balochistan coast‎

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Baloch, A., Ahmed, Q., & Ali, Q. M. (2015). LENGTH-WEIGHT RELATIONSHIP AND CONDITION ‎FACTOR OF GREEN BACK MULLET LIZA SUBVIRIDIS FISH ‎‎(VALENCIENNES, 1836) COLLECTED FROM DAMB ‎HARBOUR, BALOCHISTAN COAST, PAKISTAN. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 24(1), 51–60. Retrieved from http://pakjmsuok.com/index.php/pjms/article/view/84


Total (378) Liza subviridis samples collected from Damb Fish Landing Centre Sonmiani (Miani Hor, Balochistan during the year of 2008 to 2010. The total length was measured in between 6.75cm to 14.75cm and the body weight 0.75gm to 7.52 gm. Highest condition factor (1.181) was measured in between size class 9 to 9.5 cm however lowest Kn (0.8738) were measured  in between size class 10.5 to 11.0 cm. The calculated value of log a and regression coefficient b were -2.41680; 2.801 respectively during the year of 2008-2009. However  the value of log a and regression co-efficient b were -2.4115; 2.8137 measured in the year of 2009-2010.Present study shows negative allometric pattern of growth because the b-values less than ideal value 3.

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