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Japanese threadfin bream‎
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Nemipterus japonicus

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Rahman‎, M. A., & Ohtomi, J. (2021). FORM FACTOR OF JAPANESE THREADFIN BREAM, ‎NEMIPTERUS JAPONICUS (BLOCH, 1791)‎. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 30(1), 13–19. Retrieved from


Japanese threadfin bream, Nemipterus japonicus is a large-scale commercial fish found in the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Form factor (a3.0) is used widely for comparison of the fish body shape between geographic locations. The present study was aimed to estimate the form factor of N. Japonicus from available literature based on empirical model. Assessed a3.0 ranged from 0.0035 to 0.0270. The median (0.0143) and 95% confidence limit (0.0130-0.0168) indicated that N. Japonicas poses the typical torpedo body shape ‘fusiform’. Findings on the form factor of N. japonicus will be effective for perceiving further body shape alteration between geographic distributions.

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