Macrobrachium equidens
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Ghory, F. S., Kazmi, Q. B., & Kazmi, M. A. (2022). DESCRIPTION OF THE FIRST TO FOURTH ZOEAL STAGES ‎OF MACROBRACHIUM EQUIDENS (DANA, ‎‎1852) (CRUSTACEA: DECAPODA: PALAEMONIDAE)‎. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 31(1), 13–27. Retrieved from


An ovigerous female of Macrobrachium equidens (Dana, 1852) collected from near shore of Sandspit back waters (Karachi, Pakistan) (Long. 66o 54’ 24”E Lat. 24o 50’ 24”N) on 19, October, 2009, and kept under the laboratory conditions. Larvae were hatched out after 13 days. Zoea I to zoea III stages passed within 6 days at room temperature 31oC, water temperature 29oC, in filtered seawater of a salinity of 37 ‰ and pH 7.9.The Zoea IV of the same species was collected from planktonic sample of Manora Channel, Karachi (Long. 66o 59’ E Lat. 24o 48’ N) on 1995.

The larvae of this species are described and illustrated along with comparisons to those described previously.




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