Lunella coronata

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Afsar‎, N., Naz‎, F., Saher, N. U., Ibrahim‎, S., Sadiq‎, H. M., Ahmed‎, U., Mughal‎, R., Bint-e-Ahmed, S. Z., & Jabbar, S. A. (2022). MOLLUSCANS SPECIES DIVERSITY AND PROTEIN ‎EXPRESSION ANALYSIS IN LUNELLA CORONATA SPP OF ‎FAMILY TURBINIDAE FROM THE MANORA CHANNEL ‎KARACHI, PAKISTAN. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 31(1), 75–84. Retrieved from


Manora rocky shore characterize as a shore having moderate to strong wave exposure, zonation pattern characterize by intertidal habit, different communities of invertebrates and algae bands dominated by molluscan diversity and associated fauna. The current study contribute the species diversity of molluscs from the Manora rocky ledge, coast of Pakistan. A total of 11 species were recorded pertaining to 9 families and 11 genera including family Turbinidae: Turbo bruneus, Lunella coronata, family Cerithiidae: Cerithium caeruleum, family Babyloniidae: Babylonia spirata, family Neritidae: Nerita albicilla, family: Chilodontaidae Euchelus asper, family Veneridae: Circenita callipyga, family Arcidae: Barbatia obliquata. Family Pectinidae, Mimachlamys townsendi, family Chamidae: Chama sp, family Littorinidae and Sub family Trachycardiinae V. assimile. In addition, Protein expression analysis of L. cornata was also observed through Polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic. L. coronata was previously reported from the coastal water of Pakistan with some morphological variation in the shell shape and the results reveled that electrophoretic patterns of proteins in L. cornata spp 1 and L. cornata spp2 differentiate from each as seen in morphological characters.



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