Philometra bleekerii
Karachi coast

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Rizwana, A., & Zulfiqar, S. (2022). A NEW SPECIES OF PHILOMETRA REPORTED FROM THE OVARIES OF EDIBLE FISH EPINEPHELUS BLEEKERI (VAILLANT 1878) OF THE KARACHI COAST. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 31(2), 121–127. Retrieved from https://pakjmsuok.com/index.php/pjms/article/view/123


Nutritionally, fish meat is identified as healthiest meat all over the world.
Nutriments that are essential for healthy diet can be easily drive from fishes. Beside fish
meat there are various type of derivatives that we can obtain from them. Economically
fish industry is considered as backbone for any country. Approximately, 45,000 species
of helminth parasites cause pathogenicity in vertebrate hosts that are known to man.
Parasite that belong to family Philometridae usually invade different body organs and
cavities of various fishes. Parasite that cause pathogenicity in reproductive organs of fish
ultimately cause disturbance in their release of reproductive hormones, mating behavior,
difficulty in spawning and ultimately number of fry production is declined.
This research was conducted on the nematode parasites of marine fish Epinephelus
bleekeri (Vaillant 1878) from Karachi coast during January,2021 to December,2021. In
this one year research, a new species of nematode Philometra bleekerii n.sp. was
recorded from the reproductive organs of marine fish Epinephelus bleekeri (Vaillant



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