P. kaakan
feeding habits
diet composition
Karachi coast

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Jawed, S., Yousuf, F., Ahmed, Q., & Baloch, A. (2024). FOOD AND FEEDING HABITS OF POMADASYS KAAKAN (CUVIER, 1830) (FAMILY: HAEMULIDAE) FROM KARACHI COAST, PAKISTAN-NORTHERN ARABIAN SEA. Pakistan Journal of Marine Sciences, 33(1), 51–61. Retrieved from


This study focused on the feeding habits of P. kaakan, collected from Karachi fish harbor during January to December 2022. A total of (N=119) specimens were analyzed for gut content to understand their diet composition and monthly variations. The primary diet components identified were crustaceans, molluscs, fish, and miscellaneous items. The fullness index (FI) and coefficient of variance (CV%) also varied monthly, with the highest (FI) in July (50.0%) and the lowest in April (25.0%), while the (CV%) peaked in April (75.0%) and lowest in July (50.0%). Frequency of occurrence (FO%) of food items were highest in February, August, and September and lowest in March, April, and May. This research is pioneering in its comprehensive analysis of the P. kaakan diet composition from the Pakistani coastal waters those providing crucial insights into their feeding ecology. These findings offer valuable data for the effective management and conservation of this commercially important species, highlighting the importance of understanding their dietary habits for fisheries development and ecological sustainability.



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